FAQ & Helpful Links

Question:  What is a reputable source for information?

Answer:  We trust Veterinary Partners, but encourage you to speak with your Veterinarian before accepting internet advice.  Feel free to call us with any questions or for advice! 

Veterinary Partners


Question:  I have heard Lyme disease is bad in our area and I just found a tick on my pet.  What should I do?

Answer:  Tick and Lyme Disease Information


Question:  Help! My pet has fleas, what should I do?? 

Answer:  Flea Information


Question: Does my Dog need to be licensed?

Answer: Yes!  Did you know that if your dog is microchipped, you can apply for a lifetime License? 

Links to local Dog License applications: 

Question: What are Heartworms and should my pet be on a Heartworm Preventative?

Answer: Heartworm Disease and Prevention Information


Question:  Why are some of your surgery fees more than discounted groups?

Answer:  Important Information when Price Shopping Surgeries 


Question: I just got a new kitten/cat, what vaccines and services will he need?

Answer:  Feline Wellness Recommendations


Question:  I just got a new puppy/dog, what vaccines and services will he need?

Answer:  Canine Wellness Recommendations


Question:  What does my pet's bloodwork results mean?

Answer:  Understanding Your Pet’s Bloodwork


Question:  How can I keep my pet safe over the holidays?

Answer:  Tips for Holiday Pet Safety


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